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our software can change your business forever

The team of experts in Contrast was the core of the PrograM company in 1996. We developed the information system for the Republic Department of Public Revenue. That is how we created our modules for evidence, tax apportionment, tax collection, confiscation of goods and accountment.

Than we became independent to create miracles, miracles that our clients deserve.

The team of top programmers had been developing the software Expert for almost ten years. It was used for financial, merchandise and basic funds accounts, accounts of personnel’s income and personnel evidence.

Than we realised that such software should have been much more financially intelligent. We recreated it and named it Fintelligent, FINancially inTELLIGENT.

Others name these softwares “business information systems”. We didn’t find this description good enough, simply, because we’d had 15 years of experience in creation and implementation of information systems.

Fintelligent is completely adopted for network environment. It is fast. It is easy to use. It enables you to work faster.

Hundreds of companies of all sizes and various fields of operation have relied on Fintelligent and Expert to manage their most important data.

Those are not the only packages we would like to draw your attention to. We also offer all-inclusive business management software.

We have had great ambitions and we have achieved great success.
In less than 2 years we developed the complete information system for 4 factories of different industrial branches (metalwork, building and furniture industry)

Everything is connected in one system, complete organizational structure of the company including departments of development and technology, planning and operational preparation and supply, departments of planning and launching and production maintaining and finalising. Quality standards are insured in every part of the system. With these softwares you can easily reach ISO standards.

At the end of 1996. we issued the first domestic software for filling out and printing forms. All nessesery forms, required by the law used in everyday business are here.

Many accounting agencies and other companies use our software Formular 1 to complete and print their periodical and final accounts, tax payments, personnel’s income accounts and other forms. It’s quick and easy and what’s the best only after the second use of Formular 1 you save money.

In june 1998. we presented PlanPlus, the first computer made city plans in Yugoslavia. There are plans for 14 cities and complete road infrastructure in Serbia. There is everything what is important in these interactive maps. There are detailed, fully viewed streets, public buildings and institutions, health centres, schools, sport halls, galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, pubs, public transportation lines, everything what one could expect.

We have more than 50 000 users. We have also been nominated twice for the best software programme of the year (Discobolos).

Does it say enough about us?

But we didn’t stop there. Apart from the CD version we have created internet web presentation at There is a whole map! The site primarily appeared at the end of 1998. Since we are not trying to be modest, we’ll tell you this: we were pronounced for one of the 50 most useful sites in the country in the last 5 years. The site has been included in the official internet presentation of the City hall of Belgrade. And we have over 150 000 visitors a month.

What can we do for you?

Jovan Zivadinovic

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