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Other think that Serbia should become a member of EU.
We think that Serbia should live in digital world.

And we work on this. We update road network data every day. We add Points-of-Interest. For government institutions. For multinational companies. For tourists. For computer users who travel.

We believe that even the businesses in twenty then first century belong to digital world. Thatís why we created business informational system that became equal competitor to well known foreign brands. And even it is better because it is more adapted to local laws and regularities. And not only because of that. We are closer to you. Thatís why we react quicker to needs of every our user.

We create other solutions too. The software that has application in various segments of professional computer use in our companies. Programs that are well adjusted to your needs. That look intelligent. Software solutions that help you to work more flexible every day. Cheaper. More effective.

Everything that help you and us to live together in digital world.

It is hard even to imagine, digital route network of Serbia and detailed plans of 900 towns, all in one place.

At your armís length, in the new PlanPlus version.


If you ask us, the software should behave intelligent. Especially when financies are at stake.

Thatís why we named our program Finteligent. Financially intelligent.

formular 1.

In case you have never seen in work the program that saves money and time to users all over Serbia, you do not know what you have missed.

The thing is simple: Formular 1 lets you fill and print all legal business forms and reports.